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Anti-racism and Healing Racial Trauma Resources

List of things white people can do for racial justice: 
Local organizations to get involved with and support: 
Books white people should read: 
The Ally + Accomplice Meditation for White People: 

Dr. Candice Nicole is a counseling psychologist who created this meditation to contribute to the Movement for Black Lives. Originally creating a meditation titled "Black Lives Matter Meditation for Healing Racial Trauma," Dr. Nicole knew that she would also like to "create a complimentary meditation for White people who would like to partner in liberation with Black people. Partnering allows us reach the goal of healing and liberation in a more loving and unified manner, but to be an ally requires an anti-racist mindset. In our current world, that requires a daily practice of meditation on Whiteness and the value and humanity of Black people." 

To learn more and listen to the "Ally + Accomplice Meditation for Cultivation an Anti-Racist Mindset", click here. 

Books, blogs, and information written and created by Dr. Kniffley:

"Out of K.O.S. (Knowledge of Self): Black Masculinity, Psychopathology, and Treatment" (book) 

"Black Males and the Criminal Justice System" (book) 

"What is Racial Trauma?" (video)

What is Racial Trauma Therapy?--"Treating Race based stress and trauma" (video) 

Having conversations with culturally different people?--"Meeting in the Middle" (TED Talk) 

To learn more about Dr. Kniffley, click here. 

Collective Care Center--Racial Trauma Clinic in Louisville, KY 

News interviews conducted by Dr. Kniffley on racial trauma therapy
Resources from Dr. Hargons: 

The Center for Healing Racial Trauma offers workshops to mental health, education, religious, non-profit and for profit businesses organizations for the prevention of racial trauma, which includes topics such as “Cultivating an anti-racist mindset” and “Having Courageous conversations.”

"This BLM Meditation Can Help People Cope With The Tiring Cycle Of Oppression"

"Session 134: The Impact of Racial Trauma"

Liberate Meditation

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