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Children, Youth, & Adolescents

Click a box below to view a comprehensive list of available resources, guides, support networks and educational material.

Local & National Pediatric Mental Health Resources and Provider Directories

Guides, Toolkits, & Educational Information for Children, Youth & Adolescents

Guides, Toolkits & Educational Material for Parents and Caregivers

Local & National Resources to Find Pediatric Mental Health Care

KPA - Psychological Services Locator

Psychology Today - Find a Child Therapist

Find a Therapist in Kentucky - Good Therapy 

KPA - Psychological Services Request Form

Inclusive Therapists

NAMI - Finding Mental Health Care for Your Child

Guides, Toolkits, & Educational Information

Protecting Your Childs Mental Health Online

Is your Child More Anxious These Days? Let's Talk About It! [Video]

Helpful vs Harmful - Ways to Manage Emotions

Learn About Children's Mental Health - CDC

What Every Child Needs for Good Mental Health - MHA

Recognizing Mental Health Problems in Children

Children and Mental Health & What Psychology Has to Offer - APA

The Kids Are Not Alright - The Decline In Mental Health Among Youth, Video

Talking to Teens - Suicide Prevention, APA

Here's Advice from Psychologists on How to Help Kids Cope with Anger and Frustration - APA

Parenting: The Teen Years

Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide 

Fatherhood and Healthy Behaviors for Families - APA

How to Talk to Children About Difficult News - APA

Talking to Kids When They Need Help - Helpful Tip

Mental Health School Supplies - Crisis Text Line:

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