The mission of the Diversity Committee is to foster awareness and promote understanding of diversity-related topics as they relate to the practice of psychology. This mission is carried out through a variety of activities, including: the promotion of underrepresented groups in Kentucky colleges & universities, providing information that increases psychologists’ knowledge, awareness and skills in multiculturalism, and providing information to the public about psychological services for members of underrepresented groups. The committee is open to new members, and KPA psychologists can join the committee by selecting the Diversity Committee option through the online KPA member profile. The committee welcomes members with ideas for new initiatives and those who are interested in carrying out committee activities.

Multicultural Awards

The Kentucky Psychological Foundation has opened applications for the Multicultural Awards. The awards are presented annually in the fall at the Kentucky Psychological Association's Annual Convention in Lexington, KY.  

Multicultural Professional Development Award -   Qualified applicants are psychologists who represent a diverse group or population.  Award money may be used for a specific multicultural initiative, training, conference, event or membership dues to a multicultural national professional organization.  Award recipient must be a KPA member in good standing.  Reward amount: up to  $500
Multicultural Student Professional Development Award -  Qualified applicants are psychology graduate students representing a diverse group or population. Award money may be used for specific multicultural initiative, training, conference, event or dues to a multicultural national professional organization.  Award recipient must be a KPA member in good standing.  Reward amount: up to $350

Application process and accountability:

Candidates must submit their letter of interest and CV no later than October 15th.  Candidates must submit a letter that specifies what they would use the funding for and how much is needed, up to the limit of the award

Within one year after receiving the award, each winner will be required to submit a brief letter explaining how the award money was used and how the funds contributed to the goals stated in their application. 

To apply:  Send your letter of interest and CV to kpa@kpa.org with KPF Multicultural Award in the subject line.

Questions?  Contact 502-894-0777 or kpa@kpa.org

Gina DeArth-Pendley, Ph.D. 

Diversity Chair


Dr. Gina DeArth-Pendley received her doctoral and Master’s degrees in Clinical/Counseling psychology at the University of Notre Dame and her Bachelor’s degree in psychology at Indiana University, where she was mentored by Dr. E. Mark Cummings and Dr. Amy Holtzworth-Munroe, respectively.  Her research has focused on conflict resolution and emotional security needs of children and adults.  She has also authored papers on the need for multicultural assessments in the field of psychology and the risk of pathologizing non-dominant populations through the continued use of assessments and theories authored solely by a dominant cultural/racial group. 


As a professional psychologist, Dr. DeArth-Pendley is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Midway University.  She is also a licensed psychologist in the State of Kentucky and provides counseling for students through the university’s Counseling Services.  She is a Board Member of the Kentucky Psychological Foundation and the Chair of the foundation’s Diversity Committee, as well as a member of the Kentucky Psychological Association, the NAACP, and the Race, Community, and Child Welfare Project of Fayette County.

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