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Encouraging Psychologically Healthy Workplaces

The Psychology in the Workplace Network of Kentucky aims to promote psychological health for workers. A psychologically healthy workplace is one that provides:

  • Employee involvement in decision making 

  • Work-Life balance for all employees

  • Employee growth and development opportunities

  • A focus on physical and mental health and employee safety 

  • Formal and informal recognition of employees’ good work


We promote psychological wellness for workers through educational initiatives to explain what a psychologically healthy workplace is and how organizations might improve their workplaces. From our I love My Job campaign to presentations to local rotary clubs, our organization seeks to educate the public on the research and best practices of organizational wellness.


“Why should I become involved in the PWN?”

If you are a psychologist or business leader in Kentucky who wants to make a positive impact on your community, network with professionals in psychology and businesses throughout the state, and gain valuable experience helping organizations, consider reaching out to the Kentucky Psychological Foundation! 

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