Public Education


The Public Education Committee (PEC) exists in partnership with the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Kentucky Psychological Association (KPA) to educate the public about the value of psychology and how psychology can be used to improve everyday life. To reach these goals, the PEC uses a variety of different tools.


First, the PEC promotes campaigns designed by APA to reach out to the public through coordinated events and media coverage. One example of a recent campaign focused on the Mind/Body connection (i.e., obesity, heart disease, and stress) and educated the public about how psychologists can help to fight unhealthy lifestyle forces. APA has developed materials including presentation slides, tips for discussion, and hand outs for short presentations and has partnered with agencies such as the YMCA to cultivate venues for delivering these presentations.


Second, the PEC coordinates media contacts and manages a variety of social media accounts designed to engage the media and the public on topics related to psychology and psychological services.


Third, the PEC plans and implements a presence at local events including those focused on health, diversity, awareness, etc.


‘Why should I become involved in the PEC?’


Although the PEC is not a referral campaign, many colleagues say that the increased visibility of doing grassroots outreach has provided them with the kind of recognition that has proved helpful in marketing their practice. In addition, you will be able to expand your professional network to other psychologists and organizations throughout the state and nation. Finally, many colleagues feel that using their work to help a population in need is very satisfying as they are giving back to their communities.

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