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Using the Science of Psychology to Support the Mental Health
and Wellbeing of All Kentuckians

At the Kentucky Psychological Foundation we are dedicated to our work to make Kentucky a place everyone has access to psychological expertise, resources, and clinical services from a diverse group of psychologists. We provide resources and initiatives for individuals and families, psychology professionals, graduate and undergraduate psychology students, businesses, community organizations, and educational institutions - learn more below about how  KPF can serve you.

For Psychology Professionals, Graduate and Undergraduate students - 

Psychology is our passion. We offer unique and engaging opportunities for those in the field of psychology at any educational or career stage. Check out our Leadership Academy, Mentorship Program and various scholarship and award opportunities to see how we can enhance your psychological career and education today!

For Individuals and Families seeking mental health services or resources - 

Our community resources hub is full of information to support individuals or families seeking mental health services or education. Our hub offers a Roadmap to Behavioral Health to help you decide where to start on your mental health journey, a comprehensive list of resources and a listing of provider directories to help you find the right provider for you or your families needs. 

For Businesses, Community Organizations, and Educational Institutions -

We have psychologists that can come to your event, workplace, or classroom to talk to you and your organization about stress and coping, creating a psychologically healthy workplace, to kids about difficult subjects or a different psychological topic you'd like to learn more about. Contact us today!

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