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Using the Science of Psychology to Support the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Kentuckians

The Kentucky Psychological Foundation is dedicated to our work to make Kentucky a place everyone has access to psychological expertise, resources, and clinical services from a diverse group of psychologists.

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PLEASE NOTE: Our site is currently under construction to improve users experience, some links may not work
and some items may move but we will have them up and running soon! We appreciate your patience!

Our Impact

Whether you have questions about mental health, localized resources, or other big issues our resource hub can help!

Looking for a provider or mental health services but find yourself unsure where to begin? Our Roadmap to Behavioral Health can help!

KPF has a variety of events that everyone can get involved in - check them out here!

KPF's Leadership Academy, Mentorship Program, and Future Colleague Award are helping students at the graduate and undergraduate level. Click here to see if they can help you too!

Our Community Mental Health fund was designed to ease financial burdens associated with mental healthcare services. Click to learn more!

Have questions for us or about how to get involved? Click here to send us a message!


8004 Lyndon Center Way

Suite 202

Louisville, KY 40222





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