Building a Psychologically Healthy Kentucky

Leadership in Psychology



Healthy Behavior throughout Life

Decreasing Mental Illness and Stigma

Discover and Reach Full Potential

Our Committees

Aiming to promote psychological health for workers by sharing information about reducing employee stress.
Prepare before disaster strikes, take steps to address emotional distress in the midst of tragedy, and build resilience skills to facilitate longer-term recovery in communities affected by disaster.
Educating the public about how the science and application of psychology benefits society and improves lives.
We coordinate the annual Spring Academic Conference and plan academic and leadership training opportunities for Kentucky psychologists and psychology students.
Fostering awareness and promoting understanding of diversity-related topics as they relate to the practice of psychology. 

Additional Information

Ways to cope with stress:

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How to change your attitude:

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How to recover from depression:

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Advice on positive thinking:

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Ways to stay organized:

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Self-care is important for living a healthy lifestyle. It is important to understand what exactly self-care is. Clink the link to see how you can improve your self-care.

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