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Psychologically Healthy Education & Resources for Businesses, Community Organizations, Non-profits, & Educational Institutions

For Businesses:

We have psychologists that can come to your workplace and speak about stress and coping and creating a psychologically healthy expert.  Click the button below to fill out our event request form and tell us what we can do to help make your business a psychologically healthy workplace.

We also co-sponsor an annual Executive Leadership Forum in collaboration with the Psychology in the Workplace Collaborative to combine psychology and business perspectives to explore practical strategies for building trust, communicating effectively, supporting employees and leading with excellence. This years Executive Leadership Forum is scheduled to happen virtually on October 6, 2023 - Check out our event calendar for more details.

For Community Organizations and Non-Profits:

We understand how demanding working in the non-profit industry can be and how overwhelming it can feel at times. We have psychologists that can come talk to you and your staff about stress, coping, managing burnout and balancing work, life and family or any other psychological topic you think will benefit your organization and the work it does. Click the button below to submit an inquiry and tell us how we can serve you.

For Educational Institutions:

Educational institutions and schools have a huge responsibility and are vital to a thriving community - We understand that responsibility comes with stress and complexities that can be difficult to manage. We have psychologists that can come to your classrooms, meetings, or trainings to talk to kids or staff and educators about coping mechanisms for managing stress, difficult topics they are navigating, or other psychological topics you may have in mind.  Click the button below to submit an inquiry and tell us how our organization can serve your educators and students. 

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