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Welcome to KPF's Community Resource Hub

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Find a Licensed Mental Health Provider

Roadmap to Behavioral

Our Roadmap to Behavioral Health is a 'How-To Guide' to get started on your mental wellness journey. You can explore where to start, different levels of care, types of treatment, insurance and payment options and more. 

 Psychological Services Locator and Request Form

Ready to search for a provider in your area that meets your needs? Use the button below to access our sister organization's provider directory and psychological services request form. Use the directory to conduct a brief search to explore available providers, if you're unsuccessful through a directory search submit a request form and receive a list of providers in your area you can set up an appointment with today!

Resources & Toolkits by Topic

Click a box below to be taken to a list of educational materials, toolkits,  and resources. 

PLEASE NOTE: We are in the process of updating our resource hub and some links may not work at this time. Thank you for your patience!

Youth and Children

Criminal Justice

Community-Based Services

Community Mental Health Project 

  The Kentucky Psychological Foundation is excited to announce our newest and first community-based program initiative: the Community Mental Health Project. KPF’s Community Mental Health Project seeks to mitigate the long lasting and detrimental effects of racism in psychological science by working to establish and build trust between mental health providers and marginalized communities through providing access to no-cost culturally informed high-quality psychotherapy, mental health education and community building events. We are currently fundraising and looking for community partners for this program and hope to announce an official launch date soon!

Is this something you or your organization would like to work on with KPF? Use the button below to submit our community partnership inquiry form - we're looking forward to hearing from you!

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