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When looking for a mental health provider, it is important you see a licensed professional. A license means the provider has both legal and ethical responsibilities to patients. It also means there is a process for filing a complaint, if necessary. A guide to different license types is below:

Understanding Licensed Mental Health Providers

Licensed Mental Health Provider Table_V3.png

Other Mental Health Professions and Descriptions

Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

APRN’s are often the primary prescriber of psychiatric medication

Applied Behavior Analysts

Bachelor or Masters level trained to help treat childhood behavior disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists

Masters level graduate trained primarily in Marriage and Family Therapy

Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Masters level trained in working with people with Substance Use Disorders

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Masters level therapist trained in general counseling

Peer Support

Individuals with specific trainings that share their tools, skills, and knowledge they have learned through their own life experience to individuals going through similar struggles

B) How to Find a Provider?

  1. Obtain a full list by contacting your insurance company for in-network providers.

  2. The following websites can be helpful in searching for providers in your area.

  3. Community Mental Health Centers provide a variety of services for individuals seeking support for mental health, developmental and intellectual disabilities, or substance use. To find the community mental health center in your area use the following link to search by county:

4. If you are a college student, most universities offer counseling centers at no additional cost to students

5. University training clinics can be an excellent place to receive high-quality and low-cost treatment. These clinics are staffed by student therapists under close supervision and are open to the community 

6. Ask friends and family for their recommendations.

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